MD1888 hand polish glasses in Britain

Made in
Great Britain

Half a century ago, factories up and down Great Britain were crafting products for the growing population and for export around the world. Britain had a proud history of eyewear production and hundreds of thousands of frames were manufactured before the industry slowly faded away, much as it did in many other countries.

The House of Tom Davies is training a new generation of spectacle makers and pioneering new production methods and services here in Great Britain. The brands in our house celebrate each of the great nations which make up the United Kingdom. MD1888 is our welsh brand, inspired as you will read in this brochure, by Tom’s family history which is steeped in Welsh connections.

MD1888 handmade eyewear in Britain

Handmade Tradition

Since opening his eyewear factory in 2017, Tom Davies has been teaching traditional frame making skills and adapting them with advances in technology and materials.

MD1888 frames are made and built with a passion for eyewear and are exquisitely hand finished. Every curve, edge and engraving demands and receives individual attention in order to reach the highest standards and the best of British.

MD1888 craftsman hand make glasses in Britain