MD1888 eyewear inspiration

Brand History

Owen Morgan-Davies, a famous entrepreneur in Wales at the time, moved to Liverpool with his young family in 1888. His personal frames survived and were handed down to his great-great-grandson Tom Davies, who used the frame as inspiration for the MD1888 collection.

MD1888 eyewear hinges

Our Unique

Our Unique Hinge

The pins are great but can be delicate and easy to break on thinner frames.Could we make something new and improve both the stability and the cosmetic appearance for this type of construction?

Firstly, we mill out some material and then plant a stainless steel bolt inside the acetate, sealing it back up waith more acetate. We then drill into the frame and secure the temple arm directly into the bolt. This prevents the arm coming away from the frame when too much pressure is applied and also…
looks fantastic.

Our new technique is patent pending.

MD1888 frames being filed by hand at the brand's London factory